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#Bitcoin Workshop - Your Business Accepting the Future Of Money10:00 - 13:00

#Bitcoin Workshop - Your Business Accepting the Future Of Money

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Learn how to use Bitcoin for your private & business payment solution. We demonstrate several applications and benefits for online consumers, traders, merchants and entrepreneurs using Bitcoin.

At the end you are able to buy, sell, send and spend the future of money:

1) What is Bitcoin and why it is economically disruptive?
- the 1st open-source, peer-to-peer electronic world-currency
- money creation and transactions without a central authority.
- Online payments without a financial institution
- digital signatures & PGP encryption verify worldwide transactions
- no market player can issue Bitcoins in an uncontrolled manner

2) Why customers choose Bitcoin?
- Protect personal assets, privacy and data
- Growing scepticism towards central & private banks
- Instant online payments via mobile checkout
- Independent from governments, software or hardware

3) Why merchants accept Bitcoin?
- No chargebacks (eliminate risk of payment fraud)
- Monetize new markets (customers without bank account)
- Reduce payment fees (cheaper than credit cards or Paypal)
- Gain online traffic (Bitcoin is an emerging keyword)

More than 7,500 online retailers already accept Bitcoin, such as Wordpress, Reddit, Flattr, Mega, Wikileaks, Namecheap, 9flats, OkCupid, Internet Archive ...

When do you accept Bitcoin?

Jörg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki

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