Tech Open Air 2014 is coming: July 16-17, Berlin. Ticket sale starts soon.

Even by the standards of alternative festivals, Tech Open Air is unusual... it is an interesting experiment!

The Wallstreet Journal

One Of The Best Annual Tech Startup Events In Europe!


Berlin's answer to SXSW

Venture Village

Das ist die Elite der Start-Ups.

Die Welt

A sort of mini-Electric Picnic for the city’s booming chic geek set!

The Irish Times
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We started with learning and we will also finish with it. Time to close this series of posts about the second day of Tech Open Air, all about our beloved Satellite Events.

We have been forced to split this category into two posts due to the huge amount of submissions from the community, which just makes us the happiest team on Earth. ;)

We also know that there are things you just cannot put a label on, they are unclassifiable (in the best sense of the word), and they also have a spot on our TOA Satellite Events, they are our lovely others.

Let’s start with an appetizer!!

Dark Horse borrowed this quote from Ash Maurya to summarize the mission of their event: The real obstacles [of talking to customers] are emotional not logical! They will show the great potential of empathy when it comes to dealing with customers and/or users. Not everything comes down to figures or measurable variables, keep an eye on the non-quatifiable side of the business equation. Let Intraprenör & Berlin University of Arts show you how to get game - by using fun and creativity to grow your business.

We could not pass up a workshop related to bitcoin and its use in both public and private spheres. We (and surely all the attendees) appreciate the contribution of Bits & Coins Solution to TOA, thanks for bringing us such a cutting edge topic.

And in order to finalize with learn, we move in to the artsy scene with EyeEm and their Superpower Meetup. With them you will learn about the so called Kamehameha, Hadouken or, the art of capturing super powers in a photo. Get ready to jump Dragonball-Z style and to push the button on your camera until your finger drops to pieces, the results will not disappoint, I bet.

We also agree with A Space For Art when they tag their event as others, because you can’t always have an intimate conversation with an artist such as Roman Lipski. You have the possibility now, so make the most of it!

And this is just a little appetizer, if you are hungry for more click here!

We want to say thank you once again to our partner locations for their support:  AgoraAhoy! BerlinAmano GroupBetahausFactoryMobilesuiteSt. Oberholz and The Wye!! Thanks also to the more than 50 event organizers and to all the TOA lovers for joining us and participating in this insane event. If you haven’t got your ticket to TOA, get them here

See you soon!

Tech Open Air Berlin and the Satellite Events: Learn (vol.II) & Others

Continuing our series about the Satellite Events, it’s time now to network. Share memorable moments and connect with your audience! 

Ahhh networking… where would Berlin be without all those meetings, exchange of business cards, experiences and advice… We could never leave such a Berliner tradition off the agenda.

The good thing is that networking is a concept so broad that almost anything goes. You could attend cocktail receptions, breakfasts, parties and even recruiting events - it’s all good.

Check out some of the top networking events that will be taking place the 2nd of August.

Our friends from Axel Springer are making the most of our festival and we are very pleased to have them on board participating so actively. Surely more than one of you will be in need of a hangover breakfast after the first day of the conference and the Fluxbau party. If so, suit up (you know you will be time-traveling back to a more civilised time) and go to Axel Springer’s wonderful rooftop, have a bloody mary and raise a toast to the Tech Open Team, there is nothing better than a good tomato juice to get the day started. 

Factory is also working hard and they will not host one but two Satellite Events. First off they will host a Summer Fair where you will find pitch contests, food, beer, startups, Factory residents such as Mozilla and Soundcloud (among others) and …wait for it… Vint Cerf! The second event is the well known (some would say infamous) Tech Open Air Closing Party, in which we wrap up two days of intense knowledge exchange and in which we will mark the beginning of a new stage for Factory! Anyone can join, even without a TOA ticket, so no excuses! Just please, don’t wait until we sell out to get your ticket.

As we did for learn, Tech Open itself wants to contribute and give back. In this case we’ve teamed up with Wakefield’s Uncubed, and will host the reimagination of the job fair, talent and knowledge exchange at its best!

If you’re looking for something more limited and exclusive, check out Twisper and their great location tour. Be ready to be surprised and amused by what’s on offer.

As always, this is just a preview, to get a full picture of what will be going on, click here.

Move and connect Berlin style!

TOA attendees, do not forget to book your tickets to your favorite Satellite Events.

See you there!!

Tech Open Air Berlin and the Satellite Events: Network


It’s time to make!

We live in the age of DIY and hackathons. It is no longer enough to create a product and release it to the market, it must have that little something that makes it the stand out among the others. The best way to get to that point is by collecting the biggest and best brains, squeezing them out (don’t take it literally, please), and then make the most out of the juice. In short, giving life to innovation.

The question is, will we have a hackathon at Tech Open Air or not? Of course we will! It will be organized by our brilliant friends at Plista, so swing by their offices on the 2nd August, bring your laptop and get to work!

The next mandatory question is, will we have 3D printing Tech Open Air? Of course we will! DaWanda and FabLab will explain you not only the process and potential of 3D printing, but you will also have the chance of printing your own model.

Speaking of putting brains together…. if journalism and new technologies are your thing, join WAN-IFRA and brainstorm on how to make public information more useful and accessible.

And before joining the TOA Closing Party at Factory, what can be better than a pre-party? And a creative pre-party, no less! It will take place at Betahaus, where you could either get your hands dirty and have fun at their maker creating space, or enjoy good music and a great vibe.

Surround yourself with creative people, put up your projects and have fun!! This is what make means.

*If you already have your TOA ticket don’t forget to book your Satellite Events. And if you DON’T have your TOA ticket yet - what are you waiting for?! Get it here!

Tech Open Air Berlin and the Satellite Events: Make

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