A three-day Technology Festival. Berlin 15 - 16 - 17 July, 2015

"Insider Tip: ...go to the annual Tech Open Air Festival"


Connect and learn with top-tier entrepreneurs, artists and scientists at a beautiful location. Experience inspirational story telling, interactive panels, knowshops, pillowtalks, art installations, live music and so much more.

"Even by the standards of alternative festivals, Tech Open Air is unusual... it is an interesting experiment!"


All Around the City

Last year our community organized more than 75 satellite events across town. In 2015 we aim for even more! Attendees will get the chance to visit startup offices, enjoy corporate perks, participate in workshops and network with smart people at meet-ups and memorable parties.

Some of Our Past Satellites and Supporters

"One Of The Best Annual Tech Startup Events In Europe!"


In 2012 a bunch of Berlin startup folks came together to create a new kind of Festival, bound by the desire to build a bridge between the tech, music, art and science worlds.

From the onset we wished for it to become a collaborative effort by the community. Together with you we crafted the initial format via open town hall meetups, got our logo crowdsourced and became the world's first crowdfunded festival. Rather than moulding people and ideas into one format, we seek to provide a platform for others to build upon.

Technology is a transformative power that disrupts entire industries and touches every angle of life. By bringing together technological changemakers with representatives of different disciplines, we help the disrupted better anticipate the future and the technologists better understand the world they change.

We only came this far thanks to the energy of our speakers, artists, satellite event organisers, supporters, volunteers and attendees. It really means the world to us that people from across different disciplines have invested so much time to pass on their knowledge and passion to others.


"Das ist die Elite der Start-Ups."